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My Photoshop Images Inspired by Beyonce’s song Grown Woman

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Some of ma weird photoshoppy things :)


As everyone knows, Llamas are amazing, and I am going to explain in 391 words, why I find llama’s to be amazing animals. I used to be amazed with Rabbits, Squirrels, and Moose’s (They are called ‘moose’, but ‘moose’s’ sounds better), this year’s craze is Llama’s. I suppose that you are asking yourself why you are reading this piece of shit, and as I am writing this, I am thinking the exact same thing “Why am I writing this shit?!?”, the answer to this is simple, because I care about llama’s (not in a weird way) and I hope that you do too.

As Yzma saidin the Disney classic ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ - “What?! A llama?! He’s supposed to be dead!”. I for one was glad that the emperor wasn’t dead, and was in fact turned into a llama; the whole point of him being turned into a llama really made the film what it is today – the best godamn film ever! I believe that this is where the llama craze began, most of the craze’s develop from movies, such as the squirrel craze, this was from the film ‘Up!’ in which the talking dog called ‘Doug’ is quoted saying “SQUIRREL!”. Rabbits and Moose’s are just really cool animals; however I have also thought that squirrels are actually cool.

I also like llamas because of the name ‘Llamas’ – no other animal has a name like it, it rolls off the tongue and has two L’s at the front of it. (For those who don’t know Llamas is pronounced lar-ma’s) When you say llamas there is an ‘arr’ sound when there isn’t and ‘r’ in the word llamas – which I find quite cool.

Llamas are the product of years of breeding between confused Giraffe’s, Camels and furry rugs. I like giraffe’s, camels are okay, and I love furry rugs – saying that, I wouldn’t personally have one because it’s too furry, I just like the feel.

So to sum up, I like llamas because of the film “The emperor’s new groove”, because of the name, and because they are products of giraffe’s, camel’s and furry rugs. I’m sure that this craze will change in about a year’s time, but for now I still find llamas fascinating, and I hope you do too. If anything, you should watch the emperor’s new groove. 

  • Question: Hello I was just wondering what editing software do you use to create your photos? - bellatrixmalfoys
  • Answer:

    Hi, I just use Photoshop Elements 5.0, I just like messing around with it really :D

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It would seem that I get bored a lot :) 


Thought I’d have a go at altering the snow white poster :D By the way the film is EPIC <3

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The product of Boredom…